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Do you have antique European arms, European armor or antique manuals you want to sell?

We are always looking for authentic, antique European weapons, antique European armor and antique fighting instructions books. If you have something to sell – contact us with details – but no need to offer your non-European items or replicas. Please include the description, condition and a photo. Also, if you are interested in purchasing from us or have questions about something we are selling, email us at the address below.
Please do not contact us with items other than authentic European weapons, armor and historical publications for sale. You are always welcome to ask about purchasing from us.
Send to us an email message with details. If the link is not working use Contact Us

For Sale at Sword Academy

Antique weapons

antique 13/14th century axes for sale
Medieval axes
Antique 13/14th century axes in excavated condition. One of the axes might have been used by the executioner.
Price – $695 each(CDN)

antique 1897 pattern British or Canadian infantry officer's sword for sale
Regulation infantry officer’s sword
Antique 1897 pattern British or Canadian infantry officer’s sword in the excellent condition with the original leather scabbard. Scabbard is dated 1903 and has period repairs. Certificate of authenticity by the museum curator available with the sword.
Price – $595 (CDN)

Replica weapons

replica long sword by DelTin for sale
Replica long sword by DelTin
Well made replica long sword with the wheel pommel and leather wrapped hexagonal handle. Sword shows signs of gentle use but is a great deal.
Price – $355 (CDN)

historically accurate replica round shield and a durable replica round shield for sale
Replica round shield
Choose from superbly made replica shield using historically accurate techniques (on the left).
Or practical and durable replica shield for use (on the right).
Price – $295 for the left shield or $195 for the right shield (CDN)

replica poleaxe for sale
Replica poleaxe
Handmade one-of-the-kind poleaxe on the maple shaft 5 ft long.
Price – $175 (CDN)

replica rectangular buckler and replica round buckler with simulated spike for sale
Replica steel bucklers / targets
Handmade one-of-the-kind steel bucklers made using historically accurate techniques. Rectangular (Marozzo) style weavy buckler with leather strap and round steel buckler with simulated center spike.
Price – rectangular (Marrozo) style weavy buckler is $165, round buckler with spike is $115 (CDN)

replica wooden buckler with steel boss for sale
Replica wooden buckler
Replica wooden buckler with with steel boss.
Price – $95 (CDN)

Practice weapons

replica / practice one-of-the-kind handmade rapier for sale
(Replica) Practice Rapier
One-of-the-kind handmade rapier with a cage hilt, leather wrapped handle, flattened diamond blunted blade with the safety tip. Picture on the top of the page.
Price – $385 (CDN)

aluminum practice light long swords for sale
Aluminum practice light long swords
Aluminum light long sword is ideal for safe sparring much like federschwert at the fraction of the cost.
Price – $165 each or two for $290 (CDN)

aluminum practice swords for sale
Aluminum Practice Swords
Aluminum swords are maneuverable weapons at the fraction of the cost of the steel ones. Ideally used with practice bucklers (below).
Price – $155 each or two for $270 (CDN)

aluminum edged wooden practice bucklers for sale
Aluminum edged wooden practice bucklers
Aluminum edged wooden bucklers are ideally used with aluminum practice swords but can be used on their own or with other weapons.
Price – $85 each or two for $155 (CDN)

Wooden weapons

wooden long sword for sale
Wooden long sword
These high quality wooden long swords are quite safe to use and are available for different builds and body types.
Price – $90 (CDN)

wooden axes (regular and small) for sale
Wooden Axe
Wooden axes are available in regular and small versions.
Price – $55 small and $95 regular (CDN)

staff weapons in light and solid versions for sale
Quarterstaff / staff weapons are available in light (6 ft) and solid (7 ft) versions in hardwood, maple and ash.
Price 6 ft / 1 in diameter hardwood – $35 (CDN) pictured first from the left
Price 6 ft / 1.25 in diameter maple – $75 (CDN) pictured in the middle
Price 7 ft / 1.25 in diameter hardwood – $55 (CDN) pictured second from the right
Price 7 ft / 1.25 in diameter ash – $85 (CDN) pictured first from the right