Milan explains the concepts and details of the technique with the sword and buckler to the students in the indoor Sword Academy class session. Based on historical sources from German medieval and renaissance period, part of Sword Academy HEMA / WMA / Martial Arts curriculum.Sword Academy students pose for a group photo under cold and windy crystal blue Alberta fall skies. Sword academy teaches techniques inspired by historical sources from the German, Italian, English and French medieval and renaissance tradition, all which are part of Sword Academy HEMA / WMA / Martial Arts curriculum.Sword Academy students in an outdoor class under Milan's supervision executes staff exercise / drill inspired by historical sources from the German renaissance tradition, part of Sword Academy HEMA / WMA / Martial Arts curriculum.

Sword Academy (WMA - HEMA - Martial Arts) Testimonials


Sword Academy has been fundamental in teaching me how to strive for my personal best. Confidence, perseverance, trust, problem solving, and leadership are skills that I have developed as I have learned this martial art. The wide range of styles taught at Sword Academy has continually kept me engaged for years. Sword Academy for me is not just a martial art, but a community of learners who look out for one another. It’s an exhilarating experience that I haven’t been able to match anywhere else.
Milan combines the past knowledge and wisdom of war manuals he has read, and adds a practical and realistic application to his teaching. His extensive background in Western Marital Arts allows him to teach a variety of weapons with precision. He is quick on his feet and has demonstrated an excellent ability to adapt his methods of instruction based on his class and individual members. If a student is struggling to properly execute a drill, Milan has always been able to provide useful feedback. He continually challenges his students to do their personal best. One of Milan’s primary concerns has been to maintain a safe and non-competitive environment where students focus on learning the traditions of the martial art rather than turning it into a cut-throat sport.

Milan’s classes are interesting in multiple ways. His knowledge of the techniques and history of western martial arts are second to none and the mixture of historical knowledge from a number of different schools as well as an eye for the practical application of theory make for an enjoyable and informative class (and a good workout while you’re at it.)

As a martial arts enthusiast, I was looking for a different challenge after burning out on the high cost and rigid structure of some eastern martial arts programs. What I found was something far greater than I knew existed. From the day I took my intro course at Sword Academy, I was hooked. I did not realise the depth of Europe’s martial art history but I have made it my top hobby and it has become my passion.
Sword Academy is not a place of shouting, endless push-ups and paying for belt tests. In fact, there are no belts and everyone works together, new or senior member. The group creates a welcoming environment that digs deep into Historical European Martial Arts while encouraging fun, respect and above all, safety. It’s not make-believe or aggressive hitting one another. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. I feel safe and know that I am learning about technique while working both mind and body. I always leave class feeling energised and positive, looking forward to learning more.
Also, Milan is a great teacher who has many years of knowledge and an attitude of caring for those he teaches. It’s very different from what I was used to, and I will certainly remain a member of Sword Academy for as long as I’m physically able, which is probably another 20 years. I’m looking forward to enjoying every second of it.