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Sword Academy is dedicated to the practice and revival of Western Martial Arts in Western Canada, with focus on Calgary and Alberta. Through the teaching of accurate technique with a strong athletic focus, in combination with the continual study of surviving manuals and the help of demonstrations, we hope to raise awareness and popularity of the Western Martial tradition.

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Gift Certificates Available

If you are looking for a perfect gift for the sword enthusiast in your family Sword Academy offers Gift Certificates. These allow for attendance to any Introductory Course.
Gift certificates for private lessons and custom events are also available.

Introductory Courses

Are you curious about Western Martial Arts? Have you ever wondered what real sword-fighting is like? Here is your chance to find out! Sword Academy is now offering introductory courses suitable for all ages. These introductory courses provide students with a taste of Western Martial Arts and are the perfect starting point for anyone interested in learning more (and completing one is necessary if you would like to join).
Courses cover Medieval Long Sword, Medieval Sword and Buckler, Renaissance Rapier and Renaissance Staff and run regularly. There is also a course for children 13 and under - Medieval Sword for Children. Check out our Classes section for course schedules and pricing information. Class sizes are limited, so register early and guarantee yourself a spot.
Get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience with Sword Academy - Excellence in Western Martial Arts teaching and practice.

March 2017
Introduction to Renaissance Staff                   25.Mar.2017 - one session @ south (Sat)
Introduction to Medieval Sword and Buckler 25.Mar.2017 - one session @ south (Sat)
Introduction to Medieval Longsword              26.Mar.2017 - one session @ south (Sun)
Introduction to Renaissance Rapier                26.Mar.2017 - one session @ south (Sun)

April 2017
Introduction to Medieval Longsword              08.Apr.2017 - one session @ south (Sat)
Introduction to Renaissance Rapier                08.Apr.2017 - one session @ south (Sat)
Introduction to Renaissance Staff                   09.Apr.2017 - one session @ south (Sun)
Introduction to Medieval Sword and Buckler 09.Apr.2017 - one session @ south (Sun)

Introduction to Renaissance Staff                   22.Apr.2017 - one session @ south (Sat)
Introduction to Medieval Sword and Buckler 22.Apr.2017 - one session @ south (Sat)
Introduction to Medieval Longsword              23.Apr.2017 - one session @ south (Sun)
Introduction to Renaissance Rapier                23.Apr.2017 - one session @ south (Sun)

May 2017

Sword Academy excelling at Western Martial Arts since 2000

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What we do

We teach the extremely rich, yet largely forgotten, European martial tradition; ranging from the early Dark Ages through the Medieval period and into the late Renaissance. We focus on martially accurate combat using the weapons and techniques described in surviving historical manuals. Instruction and training at Sword Academy focuses on sword combat, but also covers many of the other weapons and fighting techniques of historical Europe, including unarmed combat. Most of these are covered in greater detail on this web site, along with photos and video clips.

Sword Academy's emphasis is on the physical application of Western Martial Arts rather than on translating or publishing manuals and interpretations.

We supported Alexanders Quest, Children's Link Society and Children's Wish Foundation.

What we offer

- Martial classes for adults and children (no equipment or experience necessary) see Classes
- Highly personalized individual lessons available (ability to choose an era or weapon)
- Local and out-of-town seminars for groups of 10 or more
- Employee appreciation day corporate events
- First class demonstrations for all occasions (medieval feasts, parties, etc.)
- One-of-a-kind safe sparring (ideal for birthday, bachelor parties or corporate occasions)
- Lectures on the history, martial arts and weapons of Europe
- Fight choreography and stage combat lessons (movie or theatre)
- Highly configurable events suited for different situations (corporate / private, fun / educational etc.)
- Promotional events for various occasions - movie and theatre opening nights
- New classes available within Calgary for groups of 10 or more (location and schedule negotiable)

Where we are

We hold classes year round in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. During the summer practices are held outdoors. In the winter Sword Academy moves indoors. For information on class location and times check out our Classes section. Completion of the Introductory course is necessary to join.

Achievement through work.

At Sword Academy we strive to offer the best - most historically accurate training possible, while upholding safety - but ultimately your improvement is in your own hands. What you get out of our classes is directly related to what you put in.

Sword Academy Operates year-round in Calgary

Sword Academy is holding members classes year-round in different locations.
More info on the Members Classes page.

Upcoming seminars in Western Canada

More info on the Classes page.
Seminars are planned in spring amd summer for Banff, Canmore, Edmonton, Lehbridge, Medicine Hat and Red Deer.
Click Here to Inquire.

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