Sword Academy Class Videos

Examples of Drills used in Classes & Demonstrations

In Class

Much of the time spent in a Sword Academy class is devoted to practicing drills. Drills are key to learning the techniques of the Western Martial Arts. Each drill covers one or more technique by providing students with specific actions to perform. Drills may be practiced with wooden wasters, aluminum practice swords or blunt steel replica weapons.

Long Sword - Block from High Becomes a Thrust Black attacks from a distance with a thrust. White deflects this and delivers a cut at Black's right. Black protects himself by raising his hands and keeping his sword between himself and White's blade. White maintains the initiative and cuts to Black's opposite side, but Black has time to interpose his sword and defend himself. From here Black is able to thrust into White's chest.

Long Sword - Throw Over the Leg from High Bind This drill demonstrates a throw while fighting with long swords. White charges Black with a powerful overhead cut. Black steps in, raising his sword to catch and redirect White's blade past him. Now at close range Black places his leg in front of White and at the same time grabs him from behind. A twist of the hips combined with a push from behind sends White to the ground.

Unarmed - Bear Hug Throw This clip starts with the opponents in the locked arm position. Black breaks his left arm free and ducks under White's right arm while sliding his own right arm down to White's waste. Black moves behind White. Using the leverage provided by his hip combined with a strong grip around White's waste, Black is able to lift White's feet in the air. At this point Black twists his body, throwing White to the ground.

Unarmed - A Counter and Counter-Counter to a Common Throw This clip starts with the opponents in the locked arm position. Black shift his right arm from the inside to the outside of White's arm. At the same time he breaks his left arm free and reaches behind White's head to grab his left shoulder. White leans forward to prevent Black from throwing him backwards and to push Black to the ground. Seeing that his throw has been countered, Black grabs White's right leg and lifts. A pull on White's shoulder at the same time tosses White over backwards.

Unarmed - Forward Throw Over the Leg This clip begins from punching distance with White charging in with a punch. Black deflects the punch and grabs White's right shoulder. With his right hand he holds White's left arm and shifts his body in close. From this position Black is able to throw White forward over his leg.


Sword Academy attends numerous events to advertise ourselves and to promote the study of Western Martial Arts. At these events we display sequences of carefully developed drills that we have practiced to the point where we can safely execute them at close to full speed without protective equipment.

Rapier - Demo for Soldiers of Two Millennia 2002 on A Channel Black begins with a thrust of his rapier which is pushed off line by White's parrying dagger. As he is parrying, White thrusts with his own rapier, but it is deflected by Black. The combatants break out of combat range. Black charges in with a thrust that White takes aside with his dagger. Black continues to close, passing the tip of White's rapier. Now in too close to effectively use his rapier Black delivers a kick and finishes his opponent.

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