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Using a sharp steel sword to cut various targets gives students an opportunity to test the skills they have learned in class. It demonstrates the importance of edge placement and gives students a feel for the amount of force required for a successful cut. We make use of several different targets when test cutting; including plastic bottles and milk jugs filled with water, foam noodles and pumpkins.

Annual Halloween Test Cutting This video is a collection of clips showing Sword Academy students test cutting pumpkins with various weapons.

Overhead Cut from the Right In this clip Milan executes a sequence of three cuts as described in a historical manual. He begins with a falling cut with his true edge followed by a rising cut with the false. The series of cuts is concluded by another falling cut from right to left which successfully strikes the target.

Rising Cut from the Left Here the student delivers a strong beat from his right side and follows it with a rising false edge cut from the left. While in drills this cut may feel weak, it delivers a strike strong enough to cut the target in half.

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