Sword Academy Events

13.Aug.2005 - Kelowna Longsword Seminar

Well attended seminar was held in the shades of the trees by the beach. Lunch break spent in the water of the lake.

14.Aug.2005 - Kelowna Rapier Seminar

Well attended seminar was held in the shades of the trees by the beach. Lunch break spent in the water of the lake

05.Nov.2004 - Annual Halloween Test Cutting

This years abundance of pumpkins for test cutting and relatively warm early November weather allowed us to have our best Halloween test cutting session ever. See the video in our Class Videos section.

14.Aug.2004 - Soldiers of Two Millennia 2004

This was our second successful year at this event. Sword Academy demonstrated Long Sword, Sword and Buckler, Staff and Unarmed combat to the audience. We then retired to our tent to answer questions and offer explanations of Western Martial Arts.

31.Jul.2004 - Armor Making Seminars

Sword Academy members went to Coaldale to learn some basic armor making skills.

22.Jul.2004 - Camp Rivendell Demonstration

Demonstrated Western Martial Arts to the participants of a Lord of the Rings themed day camp. Afterwards we fielded questions and passed around various weapons.

30.Dec.2003 - Glenbow Museum Visit

A behind the scenes visit to the Glenbow museum. Students had the chance to see and handle swords and armor in the museum collection.

17.Dec.2003 - 2003 Lord of the Rings Demonstrations

To promote opening of 'Lord Of The Rings - Return of the King', Sword Academy held demonstrations at the following theaters:
Famous Players - West Hills 10
Cineplex Odeon - Eau Claire Cinescape
Famous Players - Coliseum

04.Oct.2003 - Fish Creek Library Re-opening Ceremony

Milan gave a well attended presentation on Western Martial Arts as part of the Library's Re-opening Ceremony. This was followed by a demonstration of several different weapons and attendees were given a chance to ask questions and handle Sword Academy equipment.

23.Sep.2003 - A-Channel Big Breakfast

Sword Academy makes it's 2nd appearance on this popular morning show. This time demonstrating medieval sword and buckler along with rapier techniques.

27.Jun.2003 - First Annual ARMA International Gathering

Milan traveled to New York state to take in this event. He was one of the many talented instructors demonstrating their skills and techniques. Check it out!

20.Feb.2003 - Downtown Demo

Sword Academy went downtown to show the office crowd what Western Martial Arts are all about.

18.Dec.2002 - 2002 Lord of the Rings Demonstrations

To promote opening of 'Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers', Sword Academy held the following demonstrations:
Famous Players - West Hills 10 : 18 - 22.Dec.
Cineplex Odeon - Eau Claire Cinescape : 18 - 20.Dec.
Famous Players - Coliseum : 21.Dec.

31.Aug.2002 - Calgary Highland Games

Demonstrations in support of this big event. As you might say - we were Scottish for the day :)

17.Aug.2002 - Soldiers of Two Millennia

Held by the Museum of the Regiments and representing martial aspects of European military heritage.

14.Aug.2002 - Global TV Appearance

Short clip with commentary on breakfast show - promoting the upcoming Soldiers of Two Millennia.

21.Apr.2002 - Cutting practice

Cutting session using blunt and sharp long swords, rapiers and single handed swords.

16.Mar.2002 - St. Patrick's Day Social Event

Social event and drinks.

26.Jan.2002 - Visit to Archery Range

Archery practice using recurved bows (longbow for Milan).

11.Jan.2002 - Club Get Together

Drinks at the pub followed by a game of laser tag.

19.Dec.2001 - Demonstrations in 'Famous Players' Theaters

To promote opening of 'Lord Of The Rings - Fellowship of the Ring' Sword Academy held the following demonstrations:
Famous Players - West Hills : 19, 21 and 22.Dec.
Famous Players - Market Mall : 19 and 21.Dec.
Famous Players - Silver City : 20 and 22.Dec.

26.Nov.2001 - Boy Scout Lecture & Demonstration

Milan holds a lecture followed by a demonstration for the Woodlands Boy Scouts.

22.Nov.2001 - Glenbow Museum Visit 2001

Students review beautiful weapon collection in Glenbow Museum.

11.Nov.2001 - Cutting Practice

Cutting pumpkins and water filled bottles using a variety of one and two handed swords (blunt and sharp).

03.Nov.2001 - Spear Seminar - Glenbow Museum Visit 2001

Spear seminar held by Rick Zak from Shaolin Wushu for Sword Academy members.

03.Sep.2001 - Labor Day Demonstration

Demonstration on Labor Day in Prince's Island Park between 13:00 and 15:00.

07.Jul.2001 - Kjoshi McCarthy Seminar & Demonstration

Demonstration for attendees of historical karate seminar held in the evening.

21.May.2001 - Victoria Day Demonstration

Demonstration on Victoria Day in Prince's Island Park between 12:30 and 14:30.

05.May.2001 - Demo with Hank Reinhardt & Medieval Arms Society of Calgary

Short demonstration of Long Sword and Sword & Shield combat (and drills) for Glenbow Museum.

07.Mar.2001 - A-Channel TV Appearance

Guest appearance on 'Big Breakfast' morning TV show.

10.Feb.2001 - Rapier Seminar

One day hands-on event.

08.Feb.2001 - QR77 Radio Interview

Short interview on radio at 16:45 by Milan running in the regular program.

29.Jan.2001 - Shaw Cable TV Appearance

Clip running on TV throughout the day (and some of the following days) on channel 10.

26.Nov.2000 - Open House

Open house event held at the end of regular practice.

15.Nov.2000 - Appearance on CFCN TV

Clip running on TV at the end of the 6 o'clock news.

07.Nov.2000 - Boy Scout Demonstration

Demo and hands-on activities for about 10 participants.

30.Oct.2000 - Elementary School Demonstration

Demonstration and a short lecture for grade 6 students.

20.Sep.2000 - Glenbow Museum Visit 2000

Sword Academy members examine Glenbow Museum extensive weapons collection.

08.Jul.2000 - Long Sword Seminar

Two, one day hands-on events.

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